Palawan Packages


Palawan means “The Land of Beautiful Safe Harbor”. The name, once intended for merchant ships sailing through the centuries, takes a new meaning: a land of beautiful haven for every traveler who seeks refuge and oneness in nature. Palawan has been given numerous accolades as the country’s cleanest, greenest an most peaceful city. On top of this distinction, Palawan has been dubbed the “Last Ecological Frontier” in honor of its unique ecological balance. Safeguarding this frontier are the hospitable Palawenos who are deeply committees to the tenets of environmental conservation and protection.

The discovery of the Tabon Caves in Palawan’s Quezon municipality brought greater understanding of the roots of Philippine ancestry. The caves hold many treasures of Tabon Man’s beginnings dating back 50,000 years, from tone-age tools that simplified tasks to burial jars which proved his understanding of the divine. These archeological treasures along with the islands’ natural wonders beckon those who appreciate and enjoy rich heritage, and diverse terrestrial and marine resources.

Here are our Palawan Packages:

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